What Is Prop Betting Strategy In Football?

Prop or Proposition bet is a popular wager type in football. It is a fun wager, so casual bettors love it. Prop wagers are offered by gambling sites to attract recreational bettors and retain them. Prop wagering needs a totally different approach as what works for one will be useless to another.

Football props are based on a precise outcome determined during the game but it has nothing to do with results. For example,

  • Which team will score the first goal?
  • Will the team leading at a half-time win?
  • Will the team hitting the first goal win?
  • Will [team A] make hat-trick goals?
  • Will there be a touchdown in the first half?

The answers may just be in the form of yes or no, as the questions are phrased accordingly. Examples, of some props with two possible answers you will find on the Betufa website are –

  • Which team will score 10 points first?
  • Which team will employ a coach challenge first?
  • Which half will carry the highest score?

Some props will have many possible outcomes and are a little hard to answer.

  • Which quarter will score high?
  • Which player will score the first point?
  • What will the victory’s final margin be?

Examples of over or under props are –

  • Total passing yards of a team
  • Total passing yards of a specific player
  • Longest touchdown yardage
  • Total fumbles
  • Total interceptions
  • Total sacks

Examples of season-long prop wagers are –

  • In the coming season, which NFL player starting quarterback will pass most yards?
  • Who will be the ‘Rookie of 2021’ award winner?
  • Who will be the MVP award winner for the coming season?

The number of prop wagers offered differs from one platform to another. Even the game popularity also determines the number of props, for example, the Super Bowl games bring more than 100 props. Some bettors win consistently on props because betting sites hardly spend time on pricing them. The lines and odds on props are loose, so bettors find value and ideal spots.

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