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Joker123 Video Slots Portfolio & Software Provider Reviews

Playtech are a well known games developer for online casinos and if you are a fan of their incredibly addictive games you are absolutely going to love Joker123.

Featuring a range of classic casino games plus progressive jackpots and captivating 3D adventures, Playtech certainly know how to engage their players and keep them coming back for more. So it comes as no surprise that the likes of joker slot are once again set to become one of key games on participating online casinos.

Going mobile with Joker123

Taking your games wherever you go is indeed a valuable asset to any online casino and any site with a heads for business and online trends is sure to have this capability built into their network.

Many online casinos now have apps which can be downloaded directly on to your smartphone or tablet, including Joker123.

Completely user friendly the interface is designed to allow players to enjoy their go to games in the comfort of wherever they are and still have that all important flurry.

Simply downloading and following the easy to follow sign up steps, players can be up and running on their new, or existing, account within minutes.

Finding the apps isn’t done in the usual manner of downloading standard apps on to your mobile as the software needed to run Joker123 is found on a casino agent website.

Need to know basics about Joker123

For those already in the know of Playtech and their successful run of hosting great online casino games, Joker123 promotes everything that is good about the experienced brand including a good all round atmosphere which has an easy to use interface and attractive selections of games to entice players to keep returning session after session.

Still advocating gambling awareness, Playtech and Joker123 offer a range of betting limits for players with all levels of skill and budget, making the site highly appealing on all floors.

With a range of winning lines spanning from five payline to 4096 ways to win the odds of winning throughout the online casino are admirable and certainly a desirable trait for gambling odds.

Games expected to be found on Joker123 include; Steam Tower, Buffalo Blitz, White King, Arctic treasure, Highway Kings and Golden Tour.

RTP and slot variance – what are they?

These are two terms which are commonly associated with slot machines both in real life arcades and online casinos.

The figures attached to RTP and slot variance can make a big difference in which slot machine a player chooses and of course the chances of getting some winnings during gameplay.

RTP is return to player. The RTP is usually displayed as a percentage and shows the amount cashed out to players and the amount of profit taken by the house. For example, many slots fall in to the 90% region. So if a slot game shows and RTP of 97%, the house (or Joker123 in this instance) takes a 3% profit and the rest is paid back to the player.

Variance on the other hand, refers to the frequency and gauge of winning chances of gameplay on a certain slot game.

Three main options are available in variance, of which are low, medium and high. Low variance will be displayed on a slot which offers fairly regular pay outs. However, because there are frequent events and bonus triggers the winnings are relatively small.

Medium variance slot games again have a decent roll out of payments for players but are not as high in frequency as the low variance slot games.

High variance as it may now suggest, has a slower threshold for gearing up a pay out, but the winnings are much higher and much more excitement.

Progressive jackpots

Just as exciting as other slot games but with even more to play for, progressive jackpot slots have a continually building jackpot which every player contributes to.

Built over a jackpot network, players from all partaking online casinos continue playing towards a jackpot which resets to a starting position once won.

The progressive jackpot can be triggered in different ways depending on the slot game, such as a specific alignment of symbols.

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