How to play dragon tiger online

Majority of players that enter into online casino get thrilled with the offering of card games and table games. For things to go to a more realistic and exciting level, software providers are offering several live dealer games that replicate what you would enjoy at a brick and mortar casino. One of such games is the dragon tiger, which is a popular Asian gambling game that is played using multiple deck cards. Players don’t play against the dealer in this particular game.

The way to place bets

Dragon tiger game winning tricks are quite simple due to the fact that, the game is one of the simplest. But even with that, it doesn’t mean that as a player, you have to overlook the process of betting when picking the live dealer dragon tiger game. With such a game, a wager can be placed on either spot: tiger or dragon.

The dealer then places the cards on the table while the face up. The card which is highest ranking win, but the game has to rules which play an important role: first, all the aces are regarded as low cards. And second, no matter where the player places the bet, tie hands are going to allow the house to get half of every wager.

The live dealer casino doesn’t have an edge if it didn’t take money from the tie. With possible outcomes of over 86000 for each hand, over 6000 results in a tie, it gives the house edge of 3.73%

Use of strategies

There are a few dragon tiger strategy which you can utilize when you play this game in the live dealer casino. But some players might find that having to count cards can be quite beneficial to determine how man high or low cars are left in the deck. It is what allows players to choose their bets wisely, increasing their chances of having to place a winning bet.

It might also be quite easy for player to keep track of the suits as there are only four. It is something that is quite beneficial when placing a suit bet, which refers to a side bet in the game. With such a bet, you can bet on which suit will be able to get drawn and the paying is normally 3:1 for a correct bet. If you place such a bet, you need to keep track of the suits which you have played in the game up to that point.

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