Gonzo’s Quest Megaways Slot: Most Anticipated Slot of All Times?

When the first slot machines were doing the rounds back in the late 1800s there was no real expectation that they would end up being anywhere near as popular as they are today, in fact, when slot machines were first invented they weren’t even legal! Can you imagine that? A world where slot gambling could only be done in the shady corners of dodgy taverns? These days it sounds like a hellish alternate universe!

Oh yes, because slot gambling in the 21st century is outrageously popular, and far from illegal. In fact, the revenue created by the online slot industry is well on course to account for over 50% of all global gambling revenue by 2025, a statistic that can be hard to process when you remember that online slots have only really been around for the last two decades at most. With highly anticipated slots Gonzo’s Quest Megaways at there isn’t much surprise though, keep reading for an exploration into this game.

Who makes Gonzo’s Quest?

Pretty much all online slot enthusiasts will know all about the original Gonzo’s Quest game, as this online slot was routinely called the best in the world when it was released several years ago. Mixing mysterious Aztec aesthetics with incredibly detailed high-definition 3D graphics, as well as a load of exciting bonus features and immersive storyline, Gonzo’s Quest shot to the top of most slot gamblers’ list of desirable games.

And who is the developer behind this immense slot game? Why, it’s NetEnt of course! This Scandinavian developer has a long and exciting history in the slots industry, and their consistent array of quality titles has solidifying their standing as the bona fide leaders in slot game technology.

What are Megaways slots?

But what are Megaways slots? If you don’t know about the Megaways slot concept you might be confused as to what Gonzo’s Quest Megaways actually means, so let’s have a look. Basically, the Megaways slot mechanic is a new way that people are designing online slots, spurred by Big Time Gaming’s pioneering Megaways slot system.

With Megaways slots there are almost always over 100,000 different ways to win, something that is made possible by an innovative random reel modifier design. As you can imagine with this level of ways to win, Megaways slots are outrageously popular.

Benefits of Megaways slots

Keep reading for some of the major benefits of Megaways slots, especially if you are still wondering why they are so popular:

  • Ways to win: You just cannot get around the ludicrous 100,000+ ways to win on Megaways games.
  • Excitement: Because of the way they are made, Megaways slots are very exciting to play, with a lot more happening on each spin than normal.
  • Variety: Big Time Gaming have patented the Megaways design, and are now allowing other developers to use it with their games. This means that classic titles like Gonzo’s Quest can now be available in Megaways form.

Is Gonzo’s Quest Megaways the most anticipated slot of all time?

The combination between Gonzo’s Quest and the Megaways mechanic has certainly made for the most anticipated slots of all time, there’s no doubt about it.

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